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xDX pin number on ~PINS

Question asked by stempialdo on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by stempialdo

Hi there,


I am using xDX (V.X.2.4 Update 2), when placing an IC I cannot see the pin numbers only for those pin that have the active low sign.

When in databook, Part View, I select the part with the assigned slot (1,2,3,4,..), I can see all the pin numbers when the part is hoovering on the sheet. But as soon as I place it the pin numbers for the pins that start with a "~" disappear.

After the part is placed, if I click on the pin, the Pin Number property is empty (but on the bottom of the property window the pin numbers shows up (it says "Symbol value is xx").

So I think this is a schematic issue, not a library one.
The Pin Property field is editable(I have that property in the library), but I don't really want to add each pin number in the part instance.



Is there a special option to select somewhere to see all the pin numbers?