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    xDX pin number on ~PINS


      Hi there,


      I am using xDX (V.X.2.4 Update 2), when placing an IC I cannot see the pin numbers only for those pin that have the active low sign.

      When in databook, Part View, I select the part with the assigned slot (1,2,3,4,..), I can see all the pin numbers when the part is hoovering on the sheet. But as soon as I place it the pin numbers for the pins that start with a "~" disappear.

      After the part is placed, if I click on the pin, the Pin Number property is empty (but on the bottom of the property window the pin numbers shows up (it says "Symbol value is xx").

      So I think this is a schematic issue, not a library one.
      The Pin Property field is editable(I have that property in the library), but I don't really want to add each pin number in the part instance.



      Is there a special option to select somewhere to see all the pin numbers?





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          Can you explain why your pinnumbers start with a ~.

          Never saw a datasheet with pinnumbers starting with ~ symbol.


          IN the symbol editor the ~ is used to get a horizontal bar above the text that follows the ~symbol


          regards, Charles

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            Hi Charles,


            thanks for your reply. Let me clarify:

            Yes, I am using the ~ to have a bar above the pin name (for those pins that are active low, line nRST for example).

            All is well in the Symbol editor (I can see the bar above the pin name and the pin number), however when in xDX the pin number disappears (only for those pin that have a bar on the name).


            Any clue?




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              I cannot reproduce this as shown in the attachment. This is with VX.2.4 and VX.2.5.

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                Hi Flavio,


                I cannot reproduce what you describe.  If i put a ~ before the pin name, the pinname appears on the schematic with the horizontal bar over it,

                just like Robert showes in the picture. The pin number is there also.

                I also place a ~ on the pin number, this works in the symbol editor but not in the schematic.


                What you might try is renaming or deleting your local WDIR directory.  A new directory will be created as soon as you open a schematic.

                Sometimes this can fix " strange" behavior that works for others and not for you.



                regards, Charles

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                  Hi Charles,


                  thanks for the tip!

                  I will give it a try and let you know,




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                    Hi Charles,


                    it worked! Thanks very much for the tip!

                    See attached a screenshot of the same part placed with the "old" WDIR (left) and the fresh one on the right.


                    Fingers crossed the problem won't come up again!


                    have a great day



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                      For future reference,

                      the issue was caused by an mismatch between the pin name defined on the symbol editor and the pin name listed on the library part editor.

                      Somehow the part didn't pickup the pin name change on the symbol, and so the part and symbol went "out of sync".

                      That caused the odd behavior described above.


                      To fix it I had to delete the part, delete the library file sysindex.cbf and recreate the part from scratch.


                      The issue was spotted by the Mentor Graphics support (through a service request), the support received was great!

                      Thank you!