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"Part 'xxx' with symbol 'yyy' has different pin names assigned to a gate" part pin mapping error

Question asked by lazyturtle on Apr 24, 2019
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I am migrating a component of PADS Logic + Layout a PADS Designer (an lmc) and I am having the following problem (it is a component with multiple symbols):

1.- I have migrated the part, the symbols and the footprint of the component to PADS Designer and they are in the lmc (in a partition called "zzz" in each folder [parts, stickers and symbols respectively]).

2.- Copied to the part, the symbols and the decal to their corresponding partitions (IC in this case for Parts, decals and symbols)

3.- When you open the pin mapping of the part it is pointing to the symbols and decals by default (as you can see in the image). Each symbol associated to the part has the pin number and name as shown in the image (Slot# column and Pin# column)

4.- Now I need to link the part to the copied symbols in IC partition.

5.- Once done this with the first symbol I see that the pin names are now not included in the Slot# column.

6.- Clickcing on "Check" the following message appears:

So it seems that Pin name must be assigned to the corresponding pin.

This also happens if I delete a symbol and add the original symbol of "zzz" folder.

What is the problem here?, it seems that reassigning to a symbol losses the pin naming attribute fo each pin...

As you can imagine I have to migrate components with up to 800 pins, so is there a way to solve this problem without having to do this manually?