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Generating Planes

Question asked by advntr_inxs on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by advntr_inxs

I'm trying to generate multiple planes on my top layer (which I want to duplicate on the bottom layer) and have created a square plane in the middle of my board on layer 1 (28V).

I have created a larger plane using the board outline that I want to flood around (and outside of) this inner plane using the "spacing" parameters I've set up for these nets.

Only GND is being generated and it's flooding the entire board including the inner 28V plane.


The documentation isn't clear to me.

Do I need to create a route obstruct of some kind to keep the GND plane out of the 28V area?

How do I color the planes distinctly? This is unclear as well.

I have the net colors set to yellow for 28V and GRN for GND. I don't understand this either; only a few of the pins in either net show up colored.

The rest of the pins are colored the same as the default nets which have no color specified.


Can anyone help me out here?


I'm just learning the program after dicking around (pardon the language) with Orcad to PadsPro Translation for months (on and off between projects).

Finally got that mess sorted out, now the daunting task of making the switch from Pads Standard begins.


Much appreciated.

And see you soon with more questions no doubt.