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Error: Cannot import layout template

Question asked by eagle on May 6, 2019


I'm new to the whole process in Mentor, my experiences so far are a few hundred of hours using the layout tool. Bur now I'm trying to create a whole project from begining.

I'm currently trying to start a small Mentor project. Start a project with a given central lib, create schematic, add a part, package (without errors). But when I try to start the pcb out of designer with tools->Xpedition layout, it just sais "Cannot import layout template". If I open the layout tool and try to start the pcb from there, I dindn't even get a error message, it just did nothing. It doesn't matter, which template i chose.

If I use the example Lib (${SDD_HOME}/standard/examples/SampleLib2007/SampleLib.lmc) the chosen template (of course othe ones than from my existing library) it loads the template.

My Library has been used for years with V2.2 by a customer, now I startet a project in V2.5 and can't get any further than this error.

Might there be a problem due to different versions?


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