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more than 3x7 vias on a pad

Question asked by stempialdo on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by stempialdo

Hi there,


I am using V.X. 2.4 and I need to have quite a bit of vias on an IC pad. I have set up a Multiple Vias Object but that only allows me to place a maximum of 21 vias on the pad.

I can place the 21 vias of the MVO pattern fine, so I tried to manually copy/paste the MVO pattern but I get clearance errors.


Is there a workaround to the 21 vias limit? In the xPCB manual on page 25 it says you can change the via count in the Editor->Via count, but setting that fanout to 10 doesn't let me have more vias in MVO.


Without using the fancy MVO feature, there must be a way to add "vias at will" on a pad/track, can anybody help?