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How is "Multi Cross Threshold" PASS/FAIL connected to driver strength?

Question asked by puiyee on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by weston_beal


With HyperLynx vers. 2.5, I have run "General Batch Simulation" between processor and LPDDR4.

One specific result came up which I could not understand nor explain. The simulation-result showed our design had "Fail" on one of the DataMask-signal on the "Fast Corner" regarding "Multi Cross Threshold"-column. However, when changing the driver strength one step, the result went from "Fail" to "Pass".

Does not "Multi Cross Threshold" have a connection to the voltage-level regarding ViH, while changing driver strenght have a connection to the rising edge?

Could you explain the connection between "Multi Cross Threshold" and driver strenght?

Thank you in advance.

Br // PuiYee Poon