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Specifying value for power supplies

Question asked by olsmir on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by weston_beal

In the Edit Power-Supply Nets dialog (Setup > Power Supplies), my net +0.85VD has been successfully recognized as power supply, and in the Voltage column I see <0.85>. Should I delete <> around 0.85? Originally, when viewing BUD file, I see the following string in the SUPPLIES section:


(S NAME=+0.85VD VAL=0.85 V?=NO C?=NO)


After deleting <> (and saving the project), I see the following string:


(S NAME=+0.85VD VAL=0.85 V?=YES C?=NO)


So, though VAL is recognized as 0.85 in both cases, V?=YES is only after deleting <>. What does it mean?