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Hot Keys and part lock?

Question asked by advntr_inxs on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by advntr_inxs

I'm trying to make the switch from PADS standard to PADS Pro and I'm finding the program to be exasperating. It's taking me a very long time between actual projects which are being worked on in PADS standard, and getting back to trying to learn the new software. Anyhow, I figure there's an easy way to do it (a hot key perhaps) which will allow me to UN-route an entire net rather than segment at a time.**** Never mind. I figured it out*** Hot key portion of question + what follows still stands. 


Also - is there a way to stop the program from inadvertently deleting a part?

Do I have to globally lock everything down after placing them? I liked the fact that in Pads Standard you had to be in ECO mode to delete parts.


Who can help?!

PS: is there a set or list of hot keys anywhere that someone can point me to?