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Error: while parsing IGRPHSTL -1-1-11, when editing PartQuest imported symbol

Question asked by yeo on May 16, 2019



I've been getting this error message when i edit the symbol imported from PartQuest. 

syntax error in file <Lib Path>
wrong line style at line 9
while parsing IGRPHSTL -1-1-11
import process completed with errors

The PartQuest symbol was imported from partquest EDX file using xDM Library Tools.

After import, i've tried to edit the symbol, but once symbol editing open the part, the above mentioned error occured.



Can i know what does IGRPHSTL -1-1-11 means in the symbol file, is that any compatibility issue of the PartQuest downloaded part and the symbol editor version i am using?

I am using PADS vX.1.1. updates 2.


Thank you