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Problem with number of pins

Question asked by wojtekg on May 21, 2019
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I have problem with design. I have imported sch file, then pcb file. In pcb and sch there are different number of pins of one part. In log file I have error:

ERROR:  Cell "TO-263-7" of Part "LM2676S-5_0" is specified as
      a 7 pin cell.  The same cell was previously defined
      on Part "LM2676S-5.0" as a 12 pin cell.
      Cells with the same name must have the same number of pins.


     ERROR:  Cannot add Part "LM2676S-5_0" to "Integration\LocalPartsDB.pdb".


     ERROR:  Unable to create local PDB


     ERROR:  Problem Making Local Parts DataBase


In model there are additional ground for this component, and 4 pads for solderpaste. I cannot delete only pads for solderpaste because when i try to save file, number of pins are incorrect and i dont know where can i change this parameter.


Both of files sch and pcb was exported from pads 9.5.


Thanks in advance.