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Multiple errors updating component live verification

Question asked by lazyturtle on May 23, 2019

After changing about 70 components PN and Manufacturer  fields in databook I have proceed to update the data in the schematic using hierarchical verification. ÇI then find several issues:


1. After doing  "Update all unique matches with missing properties" the program shows a lot fo Zero Matches message...

Do I have to update one by one by Removing all conditions and reloading it? This will be time consumption for us.


2. After live verification all capacitors in the design show one of the fields, Manufacturer. After checking the Databook configuration and symbol I see that it must be a SW bug because it is configured not to be showed:



As you can see the software is setting that property as visible when it is configured as Not visible.


can anyone help on this two issues?

We find that live verification with databook is not as fluid as it should be and it usually gives lots of problems.