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Databook problem with Tolerance field

Question asked by lazyturtle on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by lazyturtle

I don´t know why my tolerance field has suddenly broken all links between the components in a schematic and Databook when running verification.


After checking I see all components with "Zero Matches" message have the tolerance field in red colour, and checking it the present, for instance, a 0.1 instead of 10%...


I have several tables in Databook with Tolerance field and this field has not only percentage values but also capacitance, inductance and resistance values, such as 0.1pF or 5mOhms...

I know Tolerance is a system property so maybe it would be better to create a new one so I can set it as text...would this be a solution?


So, I would like to know how to configure this field to be able to load all the values in  my databook and avoid having this issues, which take me a lot of time.