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PADS Designer VX.2.5 hierarchical design netlist/port name/net name/bus  issues

Question asked by lazyturtle on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by robert_davies
I´m checking a schematic design (PADS VX.2.5 Integrated Flow, Hierarchical)and I would like to know how to proceed to solve the following issues:
1.- I have detected several nets that are connected to ports but their name is not changed to the port name. Check the figure:
For this issue I would like to know how to:
a) Correctly configure the DRC to detect and list all nets with this problem
b) Solve this issue as easily as possible
2.- I have detected nets that are connected through busses in the schematic are not being correctly named in the PCB.
I understand this is happening because there should be an error in connectivity in the schematic but I would like to know how to solve this.