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Routing copy from one PCB to another in PADS Layout (Integrated Flow)

Question asked by lazyturtle on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by lazyturtle
I would like to know if it is possible to copy a routing from one PCB to another even if their net names are different.
Could you please confirm and explain how to do so?
We followed these steps:
  1. Open Source PCB
  2. Set Filters to Tracks and Vias only
  3. Select the tracks you want to copy
  4. RMB > Make Reuse and save it on your HD
  5. Open Target PCB
  6. In Design Toolbar, select Make Like Reuse and select the Reuse file saved at Point 4


The Source PCB and target PCB have the same layer count:


And same layer thickness:



But I´m still not able to paste them correctly.

Source PCB:

Target PCB paste result:


Can anyone help here?


Nonetheless I have tried the following:
Change the *.reu file properties  of the source PCB  by exporting a Target PCB reu file and  copying the Layer data and Miscellaneous data (ascii data).
After this change the import is done showing 0 errors and 0 warnings, so the make reuse should be correctly working, but I have found that there is another problem:
What I´m checking right now is the following:
When I select multiple lines in the source PCB I see all the lines selected:
I right click and select "Make reuse" and automatically mostly all the lines are deselected
After importing the *.reu file I see the imported track mostly correspond to the ones that are not deselected...

Maybe the problem is here, can anyone help here?