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Assigning text to a MultiTextBox object using a variable that contains the name of the MultiTextBox object

Question asked by on Jun 3, 2019
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Hello everyone, I have presented the following question to a few of the Mentor team members. They were unsure as to whether or not the following is possible, so I decided I'd ask here to see if anyone has successfully implemented something similar to what I am trying to do.


Thanks in advance!



I am currently looking to create a loop that dynamically sets the text in MultiEditBoxes by name in a form. For example, the MultiEditBoxes are named "TonyBox", "BruceBox", "SteveBox", "ThorBox". I want to store "Tony", "Bruce", "Steve", "Thor" in an array. I then want to create a loop that iterates through the array and creates a variable that contains the concatenation of "Box" and the current array entry. I then want to use this created variable to assign a value to the Text field associated with the variable name.

Pseudocode for this operation is something like this:

               Dim MTBarray

               Dim MultTextBoxName

               Dim TextToApply


               TextToApply = "Test"

               MTBarray = Array("Tony", "Bruce", "Steve", "Thor")


               For index = 0 To 3

                              MultTextBoxName = MTBarray(index) & "Box"

                              MultTextBoxName.Text = TextToApply & index 



Desired Result:

               TonyBox.Text contains Test0

               BruceBox.Text contains Test1

               SteveBox.Text contains Test2

               ThorBox.Text contains Test3

I have also tried using the Execute() and Eval() sub/function without success.

The basic functionality I am most interested is how to make the script assign TextToApply & index to the MultiTextBox text property that MuiltTextBoxName.Text refers to.