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Migrate PADS Logic + Layout PCB routed to PADS Designer Integrated Flow Project

Question asked by lazyturtle on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by lazyturtle

I´m trying to migrate a PCB to PADS Desginer project.

I´ll try to explain my self:


- We have copied a schematic design to PADS Designer from PADS Logic from zero, using our own component library.

- All components have been assigned the same reference designator as PADS Logic schematic.

- There are maybe several new components that will have different ref designator.

- After verifying the design I have attempted to link the PADS Layout PCB to the Designer project.

- After forward annotation we have detected that there are lots of tracks that have been removed from the original design.



1.- Are these tracks being removed because the net name is different from the original design?

2.- How can we solve this and copy the complete routing from the PADS Logic+Layout PCB to the Integrated Flow PADs Designer project?


One option I´m trying to achieve is:

1.- Remove the half-routed version (only remove traces, vias and tacks) that is generated after forward annotation

2.- Copy the whole routing from the original PCB (this is done copying components + routing) to the target PCB, and paste it somewhere appart from the target PCB.

3.- Once the components + routing copy is done in the target PCB, copy the routing and paste it in the target PCB. Then remove the copied components from the source PCB.


Is there an easier way to do this?