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System Added Net Names Caused a Short

Question asked by wayne_5757 on Jun 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by jaymole.jose

Hi,  I have a schematic that has one particularly large circuit that was copied four times. The circuit was laid out and net names were added to certain nets. Off sheet connectors were added to nets that should connect together. When the circuit was copied there was one unnamed net that the system assigned a net name of N16792451. (See the attached.)


When the circuit was copied, this system named net was copied with its system generated net name. Since the net name was NOT displayed it was not noticed and it was not flagged when the schematic was verified.


The boards were made and we found that this net was shorting the four circuits where it was copied.


Why did designer add a net name to this one net? It didn't add them to other non named nets!  How do you keep this from happening in the future?


If we turn on "Unique names on copy" it renames all nets, even the ones that have sheet connectors and should have the same net name.


What is the solution?