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Checksums on the UID for component databases

Question asked by crl on Jun 26, 2019

Hello, I am in the process of looking at how I can move data from one software tool to another(being Vesys component), currently I am designing components at an I/O level in an alternative tool and want to migrate the data across to create a "device" in the vesys library (my aim is to take the literal truth and create something without a human copying it across to remove possibilities of errors in the library)


I can output from the other tool whatever I like, does anybody know if there are any form of check-sums on the UID's? I am presuming in larger companies all components are added this way, because editing required fields in an xml is vastly quicker than going through the GUI.

Playing around with an export and modifying it hasn't been successful so far, wondered if anybody had tried this ? 


Thankyou in advance for any feedback.