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    Pricing for PCB Layout


      I have seen a post in the si-list about pricing about pcb layout:


      I am in the same boat. I did finish designing and ARM9 based 10 layer embedded board for a New Zealand companay and, I am again looking for some contract work.

      I design the Schematics using OrCAD, PCB using Allegro and do Signal Integrity analysis - all myself. So you will have a single point contact for all your questions related to schematics, PCB Design and the Signal Integrity.

      In the slowdown, I have kept my rates very competitive at $40 an hour. I will glad for any small or big work.


      Vikas Shukla



      If you turn to Chinese Layout services, they usually price based the pin numubers of  a design. it's common that every pin prices at US$ 0.5. For a design with 20,000 pins(include no connected pins),it may costs 10,000$ and dilivery the design to you within 1.5-2 weeks. It seems that Chinese labor isn't cheap forever.