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How to mark the series inductance to recognize its another net as VRM ?

Question asked by olsmir on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by weston_beal


After simulating signal-via bypassing (Simulate PI > Analyze Signal-Via Bypassing), I see the following lines in the resulting report (BW.log):

Processing VRMs for transmission plane with layers "SIGNAL_4"-"SIGNAL_5" (nets "GNDA2"-"+0.975VxxxA2")
  Cannot find any VRM between nets "GNDA2" and "+0.975VxxxA2"
  Failed to create VRM model; VRM omitted


On the schematic, "+0.975VxxxA2" is connected to "+0.975VA2" via inductance (LR139).
"+0.975VA2" is assigned to VRM model.
When assigning it to VRM model (Models > Assign Power Integrity Models), I have verified in Supply-Net Inductors tab that LR139 is present in the list (and not removed).


So, what else should I do to see the following line in BW.log ?

VRMs for transmission plane with layers "SIGNAL_4"-"SIGNAL_5" (nets "GNDA2"-"+0.975VxxxA2") were added successfully