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USB data signal simulation Query

Question asked by jainika_kansara11 on Jul 1, 2019
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I am simulating USB1 data signals in HyperLynx 2.4 using ibis model provided by ti.

For USB1 data signals model is defined as NC in ibis model, so at the time of assigning model i cannot select it as output(refer attached image USB_NC).As it is data signal i can define any connected IC as output driver but my problem is signal is passing through Common Mode Filter with ESD Protection for that i have assigned S-parameters then to connector which is also defined as input only.

So, at the time of simulation I get error of No output driver selected(Refer attached image Assign_model_input).

I have tried to change the ibis model by changing model to selector, but in that case though it is allowing me to define it is as output  I get my output according to selector pull-up defined(1.5V  or 1.8V or 3.3V) and not the expected (400mV) signal.

suggest me how to define R17 and R18 pins of AM3352 as I/O or which selector should i select as all selector are having pullups defined ? Can i go for dummy ibis model at connector side?