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Managed blocks: Error 12002: Ripper has an invalid bus reference

Question asked by on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by robert_davies

Hello everyone,


I'm working with two of my colleagues on one PCB. Each one of us works on a different part of the design and we're trying to use managed blocks to bring everything together.


One thing I noticed is that I get this error message when instantiating my block in another design:

Error 12002: Ripper has an invalid bus reference. The ripper will not be loaded.
Actually I get this error for every signal bus ripper... Packager runs through, I updated all symbols and other objects (bus signals, bus ripper) and DRC shows nothing suspicious, either. In the original design I can push and pop through the hierarchies without problems and when updating the managed block in the other design, mapping of busses and globals shows no problems. But when updating other objects in the other design or pushing into the hierarchical blocks I get the error message.
Do you have any idea what causes this?
I removed the custom ripper symbol we used, but that made no difference.
Thank you!