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Many Questions (Former Altium User)

Question asked by melvingalil on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by melvingalil

Hello Folks,


I have many questions:


How do I make all top (or botttom) layer surface mount pads display the color for that layer, regardless of their signal name? (Image 01.jpg)


How do I make all through-hole pads (the annular ring for component pins or vias) display the color for (what Altium calls) "multi-layer"? Grey, perhaps. (Image 01.jpg)


How do I make DRC errors visible at all times (Note how vias are clearly shorting SMT pads here? (Image 01.jpg)


In Altium I can just freely place a via anywhere. At any time. If I placed said free via on a pad or trace, it would assume their net identity of that pad or trace. How can I do that in PADS?


More questions to come.


Thank you,