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Bizarre DRC Phenomenon

Question asked by wayne_5757 on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by charles.ietswaard1

I am wondering if anyone else has seen this. Wondering if this is a feature of expedition or a bug. With Expedition, I sometimes find the line between the two becomes blurry. Here is the situation.


I was making some last minute edits to a layout today preparing for a design review and then ran DRC. Normaly DRC on this layout takes about 14 seconds. Running DRC this time took several minutes and quit after reached the maximum number of errors. I found this quite alarming since on the previous run, there were only 75 errors.


After frantically checking for changes in CES, the DRC set up and asking questions of peers I discovered that the abnormal DRC run was caused by having a cell on the board opened in the cell editor. I verified this as the cause by running DRC several times with a cell opened and with no cells open. Cell opened DRC maxes out. No cell open DRC runs as expected.


Has anyone else seen this? Is this a bug or a feature or just a bizarre occurrence?