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Question: Calibre xRCr

Question asked by kumark on May 19, 2009
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This is Kumar, new to the calibre xrc flow. I'm getting message when I run XRC.


The following command I used to generate the phdb databse.

calibre -lvs -hier -hcell ../aa_kl05_hmtx_client_new/hcell -spice layout.spice ../aa_kl05_hmtx_client_14May/verification/lvs.svrf > LVS.log


The LVS was clean & there was no error reported.


When I run the following command, I got into message.

calibre -xrc -pdb -rcc -xcell ../aa_kl05_hmtx_client_v2/hcell -nocheck ../aa_kl05_hmtx_client_15May/Extraction/xrc_pex.svrf > PEX.log

ERROR: Rulesfile layer count is different than in phdb.

ERROR: Restoration of HDB failed.  Specified rules are inconsistent with the phdb database.


I checked my rule file for the correct metal layer number.


Please help me to come out of this problem...