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PADS Router Setup Design Verification

Question asked by gw@byk on Jul 29, 2019

Hi all,

I got one problem I'm facing regularly, but until now I just ignored it. We do layout reviews for our designs and we use "Verify Desing" to find clearance issues. Within our schematic we use "short circuit bridges" (SCB) to short nets that we might want to disconnect at a later stage. In general thos nets are "Digital Ground" and "Analog Ground" (and sometimes a third ground plane.

When we run the verification, we get clearance errors, which is OK in general, but it is not only one error but multiple for each SCB. And when I re-run the verification, somtimes more errors show up at the same location. Is there any way to setup the verification, so I get only one error for each SCB? 


Thanks in advance,