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    What do all the different wire colors mean?


      I am working on a customer site and have my own login on one of the employee's computer. However, when I need to print something, I have to close VeSys and re-open it with the option "Run-As" and select the customer's user name. When I did this and opened my file, all of my wires were colored differently then when I had it opened under my user name.   I have red, blue, purple, green, grey, dark red, and brown wires.   Could somebody please explain what these colors mean if anything?  I know when I've imported wire information before, the wires change colors, but now my drawing is quite colorful. 


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          Hi Justin,


          This sounds like the customer may have defined an Environment Variable that points them to the network in order to get all of the configuration files, these configuration files control the colors.  Normally you would define a System level Enviroment Variable because this will point VeSys at the network configuration files regardless of who logs on.  To check this login as the customer and click the following:

          1. Start
          2. Control Panel
          3. System
          4. Advanced
          5. Environment Variables


          You are looking for one called VESYS_DATA_PATH, you can either copy this to your user account or you could just edit it so that it is a System variable rather than User based.