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LVS Black Box with PCell

Question asked by matts on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by dan_liddell

I'm hoping to find a solution to using the LVS black box statement in Calibre with PCells in Cadence.

For my application I'm making some novel test structures that LVS normally considers to look like a few transistors joined together, which causes errors; for this reason I was using LVS BOX BLACK <mycell>, and this solved the problem.

However, when using parametrized versions of these cells, calibre gives each pcell with different parameters a unique number suffix appended to the name; so they fail to match to the schematic cells.

Below is a screenshot of the behaviour I'm getting: for my cell 'ds2_set_v1', which there are 207 of in the top cell, calibre considers each pcell with different parameters as unique, and generates 207 instances of ds2_set_v1_CDNS_<somenumber>.


cell names with CDNS and a number appended

I feel like there is likely an option I'm missing somewhere that would solve this; but after spending hours scouring the SVRF and Calibre manuals and the internet I've come up with nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated