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Thermal pads with two vias as one pin

Question asked by milostnik on Aug 8, 2019

Hello Folks,

a fun question:

The producer of a chip ask us to put an array of pads with two vias as the thermal pad. In the symbol they group the pads so that it only shows one pin per pad, even though it has two vias.

In the reference design it says use 16 pins dedicated to the thermal pads.

every thermal pad has two vias and two stripes of solder mask

My problem is:

  • if I make a THT pad, it allows me only to add one via. The additional via must be placed in the cell editor main window.
    • The same pad will have all layers filled with the pad geometry. I need only top as a square, bottom as a small circle.
  • If I add only vias, I need 32 of them. Then I add a metallisation area, and the stencil strips.And I get a short between two vias.

Any helpful hints on how to do this?