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Calibre LVS missing inductor (bad device detected)

Question asked by popoyoho on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by dan_liddell

Hello All,

I am new to calibre and I am facing a problem about "missing inductor" and I have been trapped for a while.

At the very beginning, I was about to build a basic LC based bandpass filter layout. When I pass the DRC, there is a problem in my LVS with missing inductor. So I built a series basic LR circuit to prove that problem generates from "missing inductor". Likely, it happens again in my LR circuit.

The rest are my lvs repot screenshot:

As you can see, the source netlist file from schematic shows the inductor works. However, .sp file of layout shows inductor is a bad device and missing.

Please help me solve this.

Thanks a lot.