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How can I plot the phase noise of an Oscillator?

Question asked by roy_baidyanath on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by alain_wittmann

I have used the following code from Eldo RF User's Manual

(My oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz and was running fine in .TRAN analysis)


* Steady-state analysis for autonomous circuit
.sst oscil nharm_osc1=10
* Steady-state noise analysis
.sstnoise v(vp, vn) harm (1) dec 10 100 100000k
* PROBE device added
.sstprobe vp 0
* Plots
.plot fsst vdb(vp, vn)
.plot tsst v(vp, vn) v(vp) v(vn)
.plot tsst i(vdd)
.plot sstnoise db(sphi)


When I run the Eldo command, it returns a message - No oscillation frequency found.

What can be the problem and its possible solution?