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parts not snapping to part grid - Layout VX 2.5

Question asked by stempialdo on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by stempialdo

Hi there,

I have noticed something odd about the parts grid in Layout VX 2.5, not sure if it's intended or if it's a bug.


If I want to place parts using the primary grid, in the Editor Control, I select:

- the Primary grid size

- the minimum number of pins for parts to use the primary grid

- the parts mount style

- cell reference point (cell origin or center of pins)


With the above set, parts that haven't been placed yet or for parts that have already been placed but have coordinates that are a multiple of the current grid size, snap nicely into the grid.


However, if a placed part is excluded from any of the above settings (and so it;s "gridless" and it ends up in coordinates that are not a multiple of the current grid size), then that part won't fit in the primary grid even if the settings are later changed to make it fit the grid (it seems that the part uses the grid setting from it's starting current position, so it has a staring coordinate offset and it never fits the proper grid).

That's why the grid only works for unplaced part or parts that start in coordinates that are a multiple of the current grid size


It's a bit tricky to explain so here it's an example: 

- If I set the minimum number of pins to 3 I can freely move a resistor (2 pins) without snapping to the primary grid;

- the part ends up in coordinates not in the grid (let's say between grid points)

- if I now change the minimum number of pins to 2, now the resistor moves in steps following the grid size but it never ends up in the proper primary grid (it moves in grid steps from the original midpoint, so it never snaps to the primary grid)


Is this intended?


I'm using VX 2.5 update 8 (but the I found the same behavior in VX 2.5). 

I hope the above is clear.