VX.2.6 The Net name lost when the link is removed

Discussion created by phiet on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by phiet

Well,  Mentor fix this problem of "unable to hide net netmame when link is connected" but introduces new one, (I don't know how it will create problem for user)

here are steps to reproduce it

- create a net , give it a name

- add link, link will have net name. user can now disable the net name on the net if he likes.

- For some reason, if user does not net link anymore (or remove it to put it back later at different location...), he deletes the link, whether net 's name is visible or not ..the net will loose the name !!!!


What I can see is if user deletes the link (to move to another place on the net for example), then suddenly the net looses the name, thus create new open net...