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Anyone using the MCAD/ECAD Collaborator in PADS Standard now that is it included?

Question asked by wheelspcb on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by phiet

Issues with getting mounting hole information from SMCAD into PADS via the PADS MCAD Collaborator tool when sending baseline file from MCAD. PADS says The object added cannot be found in the design. Chapter 27 of PADS user guide is not helpful. What are the necessary step to get holes from MCAD into PADS? 


MCAD/ECAD Collaborator does not pass 3D components in a baseline file to and from MCAD. When trying to passing a baseline file from MCAD with .prt or .step component files, the error "Component placement failed". When trying to passing a baseline file from PADS standard with .prt or .step component files to MCAD, the components come in to MCAD with a different coordinate system location. Is passing 3D components in prt or step file not supported in PADS standard? If not, what else is not supported in PADS standard that is supported in PADS Professional?


Is anyone using  MCAD/ECAD Collaborator in PADS Standard and if so, how are you able to use it?



John W