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How to Save altered Variant Manager Settings

Question asked by peter_festesen on Sep 12, 2019

Hi - I am struggling with a simple issue here. 

My EEVM Script does all the stuff I want it to, except to write/update the VM relevant cfg files in the project.  


Issue 1: 

In the attached example, I am setting the Unplaced keyword (to NoMount), and set some colors for Unplaced/Markup.

If I 

1) Change the settings manually, the Floppydisc icon turns on, I can save and them see the VMGR*cfg files change. 

2) Change the settings via Automation, The FloppyDisc icon turns on, I can save, but the files are NOT updated. 

3) Change the Settings in Automation, Save by Automation - nothing happens (same as #2 basically)  


Issue 2 

What i REALLY wanted to do is to set the Crossprobe mode from the default (Selected) to <Auto_Reset> and save that setting. 


Once I have the cfg files in the project, I can successfully change the line in VmgrDxD.cfg to this 


..String_Parm "Receive_Mode" "<Auto_Reset>"


and restart the VMGR GUI - it then shows <Auto_Reset>. 


My problem is that I start with a new Designer project, so it has none of the Vmgr*cfg files, and I cannot get the script to Save them (Issue 1 - which means I cannot change the line, which was my workaround to setting it in the script in the first place (Issue 2) ) 


I hope someone can help me with this....


Thanks, Peter