Grid Solution for FloTHERM XT solver

Discussion created by aptiv_requirement on Sep 23, 2019


I want to run the FloTHERM XT 3.3 solver on a remote cluster (HPC) node with RHEL 7.3 as OS. And not aware if there are any option available to run it.


Though the available documents have batch commands to submit job to a remote Windows machine but that cannot work for a remote Linux machine. We may use the "efdsolver" command to dispatch the job however we need to pass the other arguments also along with it for example input file name and number of cores required for this job to run on remote machine.


So if we get a command like this then it will be easier to integrate FloTHERM solver with HPC applications like PBS Pro:

For example: efdsolver -i <input file> -n <number of cores/processors>

In addition to this if we can get option to define the hostname on which job should be run then it will be great.

efdsolver -i <input file> --host computenode1:12:Computenode2:12 -n <number of cores/processors>


Please let me know if this can be integrated in the upcoming version of FloTHERM XT to make it work with grid base solutions.

Thank you,

Santosh Sahu.