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Formula for length-matching a HS diff pair?

Question asked by Lou_Rossi on May 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by michael.weinberg

Hello All,


Can someone educate me on length-matching HS pairs? I have heard that, at the very minimum, the pair should be matched to within 1/4 wavelength of the highest transmission rate. I have also heard that electrons traveling through a copper wire, move at nearly the speed of light. I have run the math for a 10GHz pair and I am coming up with 0.295" for 1/4 wavelength. I don't think I believe this. It seems it should be quite a bit tighter than this. I usually match to within 0.001" just to be safe, but this is time-consuming and I'd like to know how to calculate the requirement for any given frequency of transmission.


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Lou Rossi