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Deleting All Properties

Question asked by ebolukbasi on Sep 23, 2019
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We are aiming to delete all properties of symbols on a schematic design. We can manually do this by selecting all components on a sheet and delete the properties one by one, by right clicking property names and clicking 'Delete Property' on xDX Designer. To develop an automation script for this purpose, we need a library or a function that brings all properties (even the multivalued ones) of all components, like drawing a rectangle with left click mouse command. We shortly need a select all command for properties. Is there a Property object in library or a function for this aim? In addition, if you share C# APIs for Xpedition Automation Scripts, it will be very beneficial for us because we develop scripts with C# instead of Visual Basic.

You can find a screenshot below.


Thank you.Manually deleting property