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Build Code for PADS Designer or Layout in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code

Question asked by gw@byk on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by mcrist

Hi all, 


after coding my Visual Basic Scripts using plain text editors like Notepad++ or similar for quiet some time, I want to take a step forward. I want to use "Visual Studio" or "Visual Studio Code" to programm my scripts, taking advantage of features like syntax highlighting, autocomplete and other more. I found some documentation (see Knowledge Base here) on how to build your script within MS Word (or Excel,...) but I find this option very laborious and tedious, as I didn't find a way to open an external file within the editor. Furthermore, the editor itself is not very handy (in my point of view).


So I downloaded Visual Studio Code, took a look around that tool and was realy happy. Then I started wondering, how I could include the dll (or whatever is needed) to get the autocomplete-feature to work with scripting comands for Mentor PADS Designer. Can anyone help me on this? If no one has used VS Code, maybe VS? 


I hope, I could make clear what I want to do; if there are any questions, pleas don't heasitate to ask me for clarification.

Kind regards,