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PADS Pro License nuisance fix?

Question asked by ezmartin_ds on Oct 16, 2019

New to PADS Professional (vx.2.6) and have encountered an annoying operation with the software and was curious if anyone has also experienced this? Has anyone found a fix or know of a way to streamline a fix?


First attempts while trying to educate myself with the product, I was informed that the license file didn't allow me to have the PADS Library Tools open while trying to open a project in either DxDesigner or Layout. (This is how the tool works. Is what I was told).  I can somewhat accept that since I can invoke the Library Tools from within DxDesigner and Layout but the annoying part is Library Tools needs to be closed and opened from within the correct tool to make necessary symbol/cell changes. PADS Pro does not have a quick response time and this doesn't promote an efficient, productive work environment with one license on one machine.  Thx