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I have been the proud owner and developer of the Advanced Library Editor (ALE) for the past 8 years. ALE has went through many changes and has improved in ways I never could have thought when I was originally developing it, but with everything....time catches up with you. 


My role on the team has changed and I am now unable to give ALE the attention it needs to continue to evolve. With that said, I have pushed ALE's source code to a GitHub repository so that the community can contribute to it. I will still be managing the push and pull requests, but I promise to be flexible.


GitHub - MentorGraphicsTME/ALE: Public source code for the Advanced Library Editor 


I want to thank everyone for all their feedback over the years. It is you, the users, who have made ALE what it is today and I know you can push it even harder in the future to become an even better library editor.


Thank for everything. I look forward to seeing your creations.