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How to down layers in a PCB, go to 10 layers to 8?

Question asked by lpaz47 on Oct 24, 2019
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I did a process and works well the design, but I am not sure if there will be issues in the future in my design, 

below what I did;


1.- I did a copy of my current design(10 layers) but without the PCB,

2.-in the design copied, I created a new PCB, but with a Layout Template with 8 layers, 

3.- once created the PCB in the copied design I proceed to delete the PCB(just to set 8 layers in the design)

3.- then I copy only the PCB of the current design(10 layers), and pasted in the design copied.

4.- once the design copied(template 8 layers), with the PCB of 10 layers, I opened the PCB and deleted the layers that I didn't want in the Stackup Editor.

5.- Once I deleted the layers,I did the Project Integration  in the PCB, 

6.- so, I have the template of 8 layers in my PCB,


do you think there is a mistake in my process?

I want to avoid future problems in the design.



Xpedition VX2

thanks in advance