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VX.2.6 System Designer Automation ?

Question asked by nick_hong on Oct 22, 2019



I would like to write an Automation code to collect design information from System Designer design, like connector mates, frame boards

There isdxsystems_auto.pdfenclosed in the doc installation of VX.2.6, but I am not yet successful with utilizing COM Automation against System Designer.


Set oProject = Application.ActiveProject   getting error - Object doesn't support property or method 'Application.ActiveProject

Set colSchematics = oProject.Schematics

For Each oSchematic In colSchematics

  Set colSheets = oSchematic.Sheets

  For Each oSheet In colSheets

    MsgBox oSheet.Name





I thinkApplicationObject in System Designer is not one that has been used for Xpedition Designer Automation and need some statement to connect to Application for System Designer, but I dont know how to.

Is there any example code to access System Designer via COM Automation?


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