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Databook events for "Annotate Properties to Selected Components"

Question asked by on Oct 31, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I noticed that the "Annotate Properties to Selected Components" function in the databook adds _all_ properties to a component whether they have a value or not. When adding components these properties with no values are filtered out.

Might be a bug or a feature.


We started to manage the "Exclude from Part List" through our database and now using the "Annotate Properties to Selected Components" inserts this property to all symbols. Unfortunately the BOM creator interprets this as true when no value is set... So obviously we don't want the property on our components if no value is in the database.


We could of course fix this in the database by setting the property for all parts.


I'd prefer the "cleaner" solution where it is only added if there is a value in the database. After having a look at the automation guide I found the Application_AfterAnnotateComponent event, which would work fine.

After writing a small script for testing I noticed that the function never get's called when using "Annotate Properties to Selected Components".

The function is called when using "Annotate Component with ...".


We're running a bit behind regarding our Xpedition version - we're at VX2.2u10. Is this a bug?

Do you have any other ideas on how I could solve my problem?