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Library parts database from external database

Question asked by bjorn.lundberg on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by gbox

I have so far only created schematics using parts from Part View/CL View in DxDatabook but since I want to automate parts lists I've started looking into using the library view.

I've gotten the hang of how it works and I have set a couple of libraries with all extra properties that I want I and I can script resistor and capacitor libraries into an Access database.


What I don't understand is how I use those libraries when going to a PCB.

If I run package on my schematic, it will tell me that "There is no Part Number: XX in the Parts DataBase...".

This is correct, but how do I get the part numbers from the Access database into the library parts database?

If I look at the Starter libraries available I see that they do have a unique part number for each resistor corresponding to the entries in the database.

Do I really have to duplicate all 1000+ resistor entries back into part editor... manually?!

I can't find any documentation or tutorial mentioning how to do this.