Why a Community for PADS?

Discussion created by Ed_Goldman on May 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2009 by wheelspcb

For several years there has been a ListServer that has been the foundation for the PADS user community to interact with each other. We are now recommending that ListServer participants migrate their activity over to this community since this platform is a more modern platform which enables us to provide enhanced peer to peer interactions in the following ways:


1. web 2.0 platform for creating groups and networks

2. wiki documents for scripting and automation

3. modern interface


We will hold true to our commitment that this site will not serve for overt marketing and promotion. We will, from time to time, make members aware of events and activities that PADS users might benefit from, like webinars, user groups and the like. But the fundamental purpose of this community will stay the same - namely, an area for PADS users to interact with each other.


Let us know how we can improve your experience on this platform.


Looking forward to active participation!