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    Size of the Device Break


      I have a device that has been broken into 2 seperate instances and the Device Break symbol is really large, is there an easy way to make this smaller?

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          BTW I have already looked through the options in Styling and it doesn't seem to be there.

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            Yes there is, in fact that next build will halve the size of it (we agree with you). You literally need to change an 8 to a 4 somewhere, but I can't find where... Hopefully Nuri will see this.

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              I believe you want to reduce the size of shared device broken,


              In VeSys, you can do it by editing defaultstyle.xml placed at veSys_home/config folder.

              Open this file and go to line containing the glyph description as shown below:

              <glyph type="decoration" name="hbroken">
                 <line x1="-10" y1="0" x2="-4" y2="0"/>
                 <line x1="-4" y1="0" x2="-4" y2="8"/>
                 <line x1="-4" y1="8" x2="4" y2="-8"/>
                 <line x1="4" y1="-8" x2="4" y2="0"/>
                 <line x1="4" y1="0" x2="10" y2="0"/>


              You can change the glyph coordinates to control the size of the glyph.