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Force netlist via VBScript command

Question asked by zachs1997 on Dec 17, 2019



I am trying to force Xpedition to netlist a schematic as when the schematic is updated via script it does not always netlist when it is run. I saw this command in the scripting pdf:


Dim objSysvisApplication, objSystemVision, objNetlister
Set objSysvisApplication = CreateObject("Sysvis.SysvisPR")
Set objSystemVision = objSysvisApplication.Sysvis
Set objNetlister = objSystemVision.Netlister
objNetlister.Netlist enumFORCE_NETLIST




which seemed like it might do the trick, and it does attempt to netlist, but then AMS overrides it and says that netlisting is unnecessary again.


Not sure where to go from here, any help would be appreciated.