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Can't remove a bitmap from a schematic

Question asked by ChangeMe_117165 on Dec 20, 2019
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Anyone know how to remove a somewhat hidden bitmap from a PADS Logic schematic.  It just appeared in the schematic one day (likely due to something the designer did by accident).  It doesn't show up from within the schematic editor (V9.5), but does show up in PDF printouts, and in the PADs Logic Schematic Viewer (sort of).  If I highlight the area where the bitmap is (with PADS Viewer), then the components under the bitmap are viewable.  But there doesn't appear to be a way to select the bitmap in order to delete it, as it's not viewable (apparently) in the editor.  Very strange.


Strangely, the bitmap in question is a small version of a previous schematic version.  It makes a 400KB .sch file into a 10MB file.