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EBD file assignment/usage Boardsim V2.3_Update 1

Question asked by james_stafford on Dec 23, 2019
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First time user of EBD files and admittedly a while since I used Hyperlynx. The DDR model I'm using was provided from a supplier in a zip. I imported a .CCE file into a NEW Board simulation since the DDRx are located on the same board direct connect to the controller. In the .ref file, I can assign the model to the reference designator. In the Simulate SI/ run DDRx batch wizard, I get an error the DDR memory devices do not have a ibis model assigned. If I go to the IBIS model editor and open the .EBD file, I can check syntax for both Hyperlynx and Committee parser and both ways shows model OK. When I ask the IBIS editor to View Data, I get an error message. It says to view the output window, but there is nothing there. I can see the model in the Assign Model by net, but I cannot change the model to an I/O like the one I show below. The model does state it is set-up as dual die part with a U0 and U1 reference designator internal to the .EBD model text file. It shows a file name.IBS at the bottom of the file for reference designator map and that file name is in the same directory as the .EBD file.


Is there a setting I have not turned on for using .EBD files? Have I placed the EBD in the wrong directory? What other items could be causing me to not utilize this .EBD correctly?